- the world's fastest ground foundation!

You start your construction already after 2 minutes.

Selected products

Fiedler Groundspear L720 mm, Fixation plate, U-Bracket 95 and U-Bracket 45.

Fiedler Markspjut sets a new standard
for sustainable ground foundations

1. Drive down the pick

2. Drive down the spear

3. Mount the bracket

After only a few minutes, you have a rock-solid ground foundation for your construction.

Optimized overall economy
No, no , no ... no digging, no removal, just an incredibly smooth job

Versatility without compromising on strength

If you come to some more areas Fiedler Markspjut is suitable to use, feel free to share. Take a picture, post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag along - #markspjutet so we highlight your own project in our feed and here on our website.

This is how easy and fast it is

The Groundspear in asphalt

Drive down Groundspear with forming machine

Drive down Groundspear with sledge hammer

A good choice for the sake of the environment

Complete system for all types of projects